Hello old and new friends! I am beginning this blog to share my insights and food discoveries from the woods, gardens, beaches, ocean, streams, and kitchens of Southeast Alaska. A fourth-generation Alaskan, I live in our capital, Juneau. I have been enjoying expanding my exploration of our bountiful food resources since retiring several years ago from a career in fisheries with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. This blog also reflects my desire to pass this bounty on to my grown son and the rest of his generation.  I’m also an ardent back country canoe, kayak, and skiing adventurer, have spent time commercial fishing, studied for and obtained my Masters Degree in Japan, and am on a spiritual path, currently inclined towards Buddhism. I hope that you enjoy my musings, harvest and gathering tips, and recipes and look forward to hearing from you with your own.

An additional emphasis of this blog will be on nutrition and fermentation. One of my great pleasures as a mother has been cooking nutritious food for my son and watching him develop the lifelong gift of good eating habits. I hope to share here just how easy it is to cook delicious and nutritious food with a little pre-planning. I am also intrigued by the emerging knowledge of how what we eat influences our health, and particularly by the sometimes-disproportionate benefits of wild and fermented foods. I will try to share these insights with you as they arise.

Happy gathering and cooking!


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